About Roku Partners

Roku Partners is a net zero consulting firm specializing in tailored transition plans for industrial customers. Our expert team of engineers, business strategists, entrepreneurs and consultants can guide businesses through their sustainability journey, leveraging the latest technologies and industry best practices.

wind turbine surrounded by grass
wind turbine surrounded by grass
green plant
green plant

Tailored Transition Plans

Our principles


We create customized transition plans for industrial customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient shift towards sustainable practices.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

We help businesses optimize their energy usage, reducing costs and environmental impact through innovative solutions and technologies.

Minimizing Waste

Our team assists companies in minimizing waste generation, implementing strategies to reduce waste and improve resource management.

Meet the best team ever

Paul King
Principle Power Consultant

Paul is a 35-year veteran of the energy and utility market. He has a specific set of leadership, strategy and change skills proven in delivering growth and new operational capability for utilities and-companies who sell to energy and utility companies.

Principle OT Consultant

Ben has a proven track record in designing and implementing solutions for industrial sites. His solutions currently help run some of Australia’s largest industrial facilities.

He is an accomplished presenter and communicator, known to effectively bridge the communications gap between the highly technical and generalists. Ben is also known to be a thoughtful, enthusiastic, and conscientious person to work with

Ben Lim

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